Friedrichstein Rustung crossbow - 30% off!

This prototype Rustung-style bow, inspired by a late 16th century German crossbow in the collection of Castle Friedrichstein, is made of cherry with curly maple inlays and veneers and an aluminum prod. Originally priced at $1400 plus shipping, we are now offering it at a 30% discount due to some dings and wear. Email for details!


  • Tiller: Cherry with curly maple veneers and inlays

  • Prod: Aluminium

  • Nut: Delrin

  • Trigger and lock parts: Steel and aluminium

  • String: Dacron

  • Bindings: Hemp and deerskin

  • Bolt clip: PVC

Performance specifications

  • Brace height: 3in/76mm

  • Power stroke: 8.5in/215mm

  • Draw weight: 70lbs/32kg

  • Power (power stroke x draw weight): 595 inch-pounds

  • Velocity (25 g bolt, range 33ft/10m): 120 ft per second


  • Tiller length: 28.5in/725mm

  • Prod length (nock to nock): 27in/690mm

  • Weight: 2 kg


Price: $950 CAD plus shipping - email to purchase.