New for 2021! The Flemish Arbalest

The Flemish Arbalest is based on a common 17th century Flemish target bow, itself an example of a design ubiquitous throughout western Europe from the middle ages through the Renaissance. The square-sectioned walnut tiller features a pronounced palm rest below the nut, as well as an elongated stock that rests on top of the shoulder when firing, creating a very robust platform for accurate shooting. The steel lock plates with brass screws add a nice visual flair, while the steel bow irons hold the prod and stirrup securely to the stock, and make it very easy to fine-tune the accuracy of the bow.


  • Tiller: Walnut with maple inlays

  • Prod: Aluminium

  • Nut: Delrin

  • Trigger and lock parts: Steel and aluminium

  • String: Dacron

  • Bindings: Steel bow irons

Performance specifications

  • Brace height: 3in/76mm

  • Power stroke: 8.5in/215mm

  • Draw weight: 70lbs/32kg

  • Power (power stroke x draw weight): 595 inch-pounds

  • Velocity (25 g bolt, range 33ft/10m): 120 ft per second


  • Tiller length: 41in/1050mm

  • Prod length (nock to nock): 27in/690mm

  • Weight: 3 kg/6.5 lbs


Price: $1085 CAD plus shipping - email to purchase.

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