Rustung crossbow in walnut with curly maple accents!

Updated: Jun 28

The Modern Armbruster's flagship crossbow, the Rustung, is based on a late medieval/early Renaissance German design typically found among hunting bows. The trigger design and cheek rest make this bow very comfortable to shoot. Ask me about pompoms for that groovy Germanic Renaissance look!


  • Tiller: Walnut with curly maple veneers and inlays

  • Prod: Aluminium

  • Nut: Delrin

  • Trigger and lock parts: Steel and aluminium

  • String: Dacron

  • Bindings: Hemp and deerskin

  • Bolt clip: PVC

Performance specifications

  • Brace height: 3in/76mm

  • Power stroke: 8.5in/215mm

  • Draw weight: 70lbs/32kg

  • Power (power stroke x draw weight): 595 inch-pounds

  • Velocity (25 g bolt, range 33ft/10m): 120 ft per second


  • Tiller length: 28.5in/725mm

  • Prod length (nock to nock): 27in/690mm

  • Weight: 2 kg


Price: If you are interested in this type, email for design options and pricing. .