The Elegant "Schnepper"

A light sporting crossbow first developed in the late 17th century in Germany, the Schnepper employs a claplock locking system instead of the more common rolling nut lock. Additionally, the design of its cheek rest is borrow from contemporary wheel-lock firearms. More complex to manufacture than Rustung-style bows or older medieval bows, the Schnepper is truly a bow of the nobility, with jaunty pompoms decorating it - choose any colour you like!


  • Tiller: Cherry with curly maple and walnut inlays

  • Prod: Aluminium

  • Nut: Steel

  • Trigger and lock parts: Steel and aluminium

  • String: Dacron

  • Bindings: Hemp

  • Bolt clip: PVC

Performance specifications

  • Brace height: 3.5 in/76mm

  • Power stroke: 7. in/215mm

  • Draw weight: 70lbs/32kg

  • Power (power stroke x draw weight): 490 inch-pounds

  • Velocity (25 g bolt, range 33ft/10m): 100 ft per second


  • Tiller length: 26.5in/675mm

  • Prod length (nock to nock): 27in/690mm

  • Weight: 2 kg


Price: $1525 CAD plus shipping - email to purchase.

None currently in stock; will ship about 5 weeks after ordering.