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My name is Duncan Hill, and I'm an armbruster - a crossbow maker.  I've been fascinated with medieval and renaissance crossbows for a long time; for me they represent the perfect combination of engineering, woodcraft, physics, and artistry.  My goal as an armbruster is to carry on the craft of crossbow making in the styles and traditions of European armbrusters of the middle ages and Renaissance, using modern techniques, materials, and tools - hence, The Modern Armbruster.

My bows are normally equipped with lower-poundage (70 to 150lbs) aluminum, steel, and fibreglass prods (the bendy bit at the front), enabling you to span them by hand, and making them perfect for backyard fun and also historical reenactment groups, such as the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

You can find examples of my work on the Gallery page.  Contact me now at to explore what's possible for your ideal crossbow!

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