Rustung - Walnut

Rustung - Walnut

The Modern Armbruster's flagship crossbow, the Rustung is based on a late medieval/early Renaissance German design typically found among hunting bows.

  • Materials

    • Tiller: Walnut with curly maple veneers and inlays
    • Prod: Aluminium
    • Nut: Delrin
    • Trigger and lock parts: Steel and aluminium
    • String: Dacron
    • Bindings: Hemp
    • Bolt clip: PVC
  • Performance specifications

    • Brace height: 3in/76mm
    • Power stroke: 8.5in/215mm
    • Draw weight: 70lbs/32kg
    • Power (power stroke x draw weight): 595 inch-pounds
    • Velocity (25g bolt at 33ft/10m): 120ft per second
  • Measurements

    • Tiller length: 28.5in/725mm
    • Prod length (nock to nock):  27in/690mm

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