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The Modern Armbruster Medieval Crossbow Kit is back!  Perfect for beginner makers or experts, the kit includes all the parts you'll need to build and customize your own medieval crossbow.  The tiller is rought cut from cherry wood, and has all of the holes and recesses pre-cut for the lock parts and prod.  The trigger lever and stirrup are steel and designed in a central European medieval style.  The string is a continuous loop made from 60 strands of Dacron for speed and toughness.  The aluminum prod by Phoenix Forge Armory comes in a variety of draw weights from 35lbs to 140lbs with a 8.5 inch powerstroke.  To finish the assembly, the kit comes with 10 meters of 4mm hemp cord for binding on the prod and stirrup,  and 1mm hemp cord for securing the Delrin nut.  All this kit needs is your craftwork and creativity to shape, finish, and assemble the crossbow! 

The Medieval Crossbow Kit Version 1.3

Expected to ship by September 15, 2024
  • The next Medieval Crossbow kit production run will occur in August, with kits shipped during the second week of September.

    • Wooden stock in cherry, with pre-drilled holes and lock mortise, 33" (837mm) long
    • Aluminum prod
    • Dacron bowstring
    • Steel trigger lever
    • Steel stirrup
    • Delrin nut with steel reinforcements
    • 10 meters of 4mm hemp cord (prod binding)
    • 2 meters of 1mm hemp cord (nut binding)
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